Organic MPI products

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Organic MPI products - Srem Technologies

SREM Technologies also offers a complete range of oil based MPI products.

These products are used to control aeronautics parts. They are conform to AMS 2641 and to the international norm NF EN ISO 9934-2and. They are on several companies’ certification lists such   as SNECMA ,TURBOMECA ,SAFRAN ,MESSIER ,DASSAULT ,AEROSPACIAL ...

SREM Technologies offers a complete range of fluorescent and colored magnetic powders. For more than 50 years, we have been manufacturing our own range of magnetic powders thanks to recognized and controlled production methods. We then test and validate them in our laboratory (sensitivity test, fluorescence coefficient, particle size).

Organic MPI products - Srem Technologies
ProductsPicturesCharacteristicsPackagingTechnical sheet
FLUXO 13Produit FLUXO 13Grey powder for Dry application2 kgDownload
FLUXO 15Produit FLUXO 15Black powder1 kgDownload
FLUXO 19Produit FLUXO 19Red/orange powder1 kgDownload
FLUXO 22CFluorescent powder1 kgDownload
FLUXO 22DProduit FLUXO 22DFluorescent powder1 kgDownload
ProductsPicturesCharacteristicsPackagingTechnical sheet
FLUXO 6CProduit FLUXO 6CFluorecent magnetic ink – Ready to use10LDownload
FLUXO 6DProduit FLUXO 6DFluorecent magnetic ink – Ready to use10LDownload
FLUXO FS015Petroleum Carrier Fluid for Magnetic Particle Inspection10L – 200LDownload


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