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Water-based fluorescent penetrant FLUXO P502

FLUXO P502 is a fluorescent penetrant removable with water that can be used pure or diluted in water. If used pure with the appropriate developer, the sensitivity obtained is 2 according to the norm EN NF ISO 3452-2. It has been made so that it can be diluted in water when lesser levels of sensitivity are required.
The FLUXO P502 is made of a solution of fluorescent tracers in association with surfactant agents, emulsifiers, anti-corrosion agents, anti-foam agents, and couplant agent.

Water-based fluorescent penetrant FLUXO P502 - Srem Technologies
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FLUXO P502Produit FLUXO P502Fluorescent penetrant water based – Sensivity 210L – 200LDownload
FLUXO P501Fluorescent penetrant water based – Sensivity 110L – 200LDownload
FLUXO P500Fluorescent penetrant water based – Sensivity 1/210L – 200LDownload
FLUXO RD1Dry DeveloperSpray canDownload


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