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Fluorescent tracer - Srem Technologies

SREM TECHNOLOGIES has also been a specialist of leak detection by fluorescent tracer for many years:

Quickly find leaks in hydraulic oils, oil, water, water based systems and glycol. It is ideal for preventive or diagnostical maintenance programme in industrial systems. It works efficiently in any closed circulatory system where fluids are used.

  • Usable with the fluorescent tracer FLUXO FT931: Typical dilution 0.1% in all hydraulic oils, petroleum solvents, gas oil.
  • Or the fluorescent tracer FLUXO FT959: Typical dilution 0.05% in all water based systems (water, glycoled water, cutting oil which is soluble with water)
  • Practical: Available in different packaging (50mL, 100mL, 500mL, 1L) our FLUXO FT931 is easy to integrate to your system.
  • Multitasks: It allows the full inspection of a system in almost every working conditions. You can find the smallest leaks and the hardest to spot, even if they are numerous and sporadic ones.
  • Non dangerous: You can work with any fluid already present without damaging the proprieties of the fluid or the system itself.
  • Profitable: Highly concentrated. It contains more active ingredients per dose than our competitors’ products
Fluorescent tracer - Srem Technologies
Fluorescent tracer - Srem Technologies


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